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30 Years Experience as a Nursery Practitioner

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Hello my name is Clare the founder of The Digital Rainbow. We are a family business with a real genuine passion for helping young children develop their early years learning through the use of digital technology working alongside traditional methods. Being a level 3 nursery practitioner for almost 30 years and mum of two for 21 years, I decided to create The Digital Rainbow to help nurseries adopt a more interactive and fun way of using today's modern technology.

I teamed up with my mother-in-law, Betty, to promote the use of exciting new technologies to assist the development of children in early years education.  Betty was awarded an MBE for her services to education having started her career as a primary school teacher. Education has been a strong part of the family for over 60 years and along with my passion for the early years learning, the company is highly focused on assisting nursery's and preschools across the UK embrace this fantastic new technology.

We are a personal caring company dedicated to my passion for children in early years learning. I strongly believe in the personal touch, so please contact me directly for a personal experience of this fantastic table.

Battery Powered Touchscreen Nursery Table

Sharp Touch Screen Table

Within the Early Learning Goals in 2017, Ofsted guidance states that children should have access in schools to a wide range of technologies that they might use at home. Early learners need to explore a wide range of media and materials, and be provided  with opportunities and encouraged to share their thoughts and feelings through many activities, including technology. 

The 40" Interactive Digital Rainbow Touch Screen Table allows young children to develop important early learning skills such as: hand eye coordination, reading, writing, speaking, listening, literacy and numeracy, whilst having fun playing with others. 


This table is mobile as it is powered by an internal rechargeable battery pack which enables you to move it around your nursery so everyone can benefit from your investment. It has a built-in Android OS, enabling access to a rich library of educational software. The touchscreen and gesture control delivers an intuitive, child-friendly interface, allowing children to interact directly with what’s happening on screen. Up to 10 simultaneous touches are supported, allowing children to play and learn together. Children can write on the screen using either their finger, or a touch pen. The table is an interactive and mobile activity board, ideal for delivering interactive learning experiences to Key Stage 1 and nursery children. Being able to use it both as a touch table and as a tilt able touch screen powered by a battery pack means it offers incredible flexibility as an investment for your nursery.

In summary The Digital Rainbow Interactive Touchscreen Table is a battery powered mobile interactive learning device with a 68 degree tilt-able High Quality HD touch screen.

Early Years Learning Software

Yellow Door

We provide all the interactive software solutions from the leading early learning developer Yellow Door. Included in our Digital Rainbow Table is the full 20 app bundle. Play is at the heart of everything we do. As a publisher of award-winning, multi sensory resources we believe that helping you to offer language-rich play environments is the best thing we can do together to enhance children’s learning, their well-being and their future success. Our range includes tactile resources, books and educational apps for children in the EYFS and those with SEND. 

EYFS - Areas of learning 

Communication & Language, Personal, Social & Emotional, Mathematics, Understanding the World, Expressive Art Design and Physical Development.


EYFS - Early Learning Goals 


Listening & Attention,  Making Relationships, Self Confidence and Self Awareness, Numbers, Technology.

Google Play Store

Google Play Store also hosts a large choice of apps designed for early year learning bringing the touch screen table to life. The Google Play Library has hundreds of well known children's brands to choose from so that your nursery is never short of exciting games and fun learning apps to use.

"The combination of our High Quality Table and the Yellow Door Software makes this possibly the best ICT investment your nursery can make."

EYFS Yellow Door Software

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Lease Rental Option

Purchase outright or take advantage of a 100% tax deductible lease rental agreement for as little as £108 + Vat per month*

* Minimum term lease rental over 3 years including warranty and delivery. Optional Yellow Door apps are not included in this illustration.

All finance is subjects to terms

Quality ICT investment for your nursery

Passion and Hands On Experience in Nursery Care

Making an investment like this is a very important decision for any nursery. Not only is our table made to the highest quality, but we also offer a committed personal service to all our customers. In an age where business is done via faceless emails and online transactions, we prefer the good old fashioned personal traditions. We are open when you want us to be, we will answer your call at any time of the day and we will always be available. We will even pop in and see you time to time delivering customer service with a smile.


The children's enjoyment and experience using our table will always be our top priority.  

100% focus

We are 100% focused and dedicated to helping Nurseries and Care Homes with our Digital Touch Screen solutions

We are not an IT sales company selling from a catalog. So we don't do anything else to distract us from delivering the best honest friendly service we can!

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The Digital Rainbow Limited

Cambridge, UK

Mobile : 07949 391700 Mobile : 07961 581265 Email : clare@thedigitalrainbow.co.uk

Management Team


The Digital Rainbow

I have enjoyed a long career in education and local government for which I was awarded an MBE in 2010. I am delighted to be supporting Clare in her new business venture and promoting the use of innovative technologies for the advancement of children in early years’ education.


Clare Milburn

I have 30 years experience as a nursery practitioner and live in Cambridge with my husband of 25 years, two teenagers and a pug called Alfie. I am very passionate about caring for young children and I adore nursery care. 

And I fully appreciate all the hard work that goes into working in a nursery!